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Humane Technology

Let’s be a responsible community enabled by responsible technology.

The concept

Humane technology is an emerging concept
establishing a countermovement to how
most social media platforms work today.

The problem with today’s tech

Most of the big tech companies surveil users to extract data and sell ads
to third parties.
Their primary goal is to keep you on their platform as long as possible, also known as the 'attention economy'.

Algorithms constantly try to get your attention which happens when you react emotionally to what you see.
Humans can have negative and positive reactions, but it is much easier to trigger the negative ones.

Think of it: How long does it take to build up trust, empathy & love? Contrarily, how quickly can you be shocked, feel fear, or hate. 
These methods, combined with misinformation and minimal regulation, have created the polarized society we live in today.

And this is what we need to change
as a responsible community !
Imagine a world built on humane technology that operates
for the common good, strengthening our capacity 
to tackle our biggest global challenges.
– Center for Humane Technology

How we incorporate it

Our app is free for everyone. However, you are NOT the product.
Your data
As our business model is not based on your data, we have no intent in collecting it.
Account creation
Unlike most apps, we do not require you to create an account. In fact, only if you want
to use certain functionalities it is technically inevitable to have an identifier. 
Nevertheless, your personal data is not further processed, used, or shared.
We have strict moderation methods to ensure high quality content.
We review every daily Save, thank you video, and topic group before publication.
Designed to initiate insightful conversations.
By default, the comments in a topic group are shuffled
to initiate serendipity (like on a physical public square).
Instead of the classic ‘Like button’, we introduce three reaction types that create visibility
about what might be misinformation and what is truthful:
 I agree with this comment
     I disagree with this comment
     I learned something insightful

– To encourage conscious choices, we limit the number to one ‘insightful’ per day.
Attention is our most scarce and valuable good — We embrace it.
We minimize the time you spend on the app to maximize the impact you have in real life.  
We put the human at the center of the technology to encourage harmony
instead of hate and polarization.

Thank you videos
Our Savers reward each other for their daily efforts with short video messages that are randomly sent around the world. This visualizes that you are part of an inclusive, global community, pursuing the same goal.

Savers can choose between several avatars to individualize their presence. 
We decided to use avatars over real pictures to increase inclusion.

Rewarding good behavior
We visualize your impact through symbolic rewards to encourage responsible behavior in real life. Within the app, these actions are highlighted in
blue colour.

Your Data

Content Quality

Public Square

Minimal Attention

Humane Experience

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