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Individual Action. Global Impact.

One action a day, multiplied by our global community, makes the difference!
All together, we drive the change.

The App

Why do we find it hard to take action

against climate change?

Because we do not know what to do and we feel like our impact is too small anyway.

As a result, we 

often do nothing.

If we stay inactive, our lifestyles won’t develop into more
responsible ones.

Our behavior causes climate change.

Companies act upon our demand.
If, for example, companies cut down rainforests to make space for cattle, it's because our society is consuming more meat than ever before.

The solution is your lifestyle.

Our individual actions cause social ripple effects in the norms and values of people around us, leading to the bottom-up support needed for structural solutions.

They spread our message



Daily Saves

One action a day, multiplied by our global
community, creates an impact that matters.
We scale individual action to a global level.
The ‘Saves’ are easy to integrate into our daily lives
and lead to more responsible behavior.

Thank you videos
Be surprised every now and then with a video message
from another Saver from around the world. 
This is how we thank each other for our daily efforts.


Growing together!

We learn from each other
The best teacher in “responsible lifestyle education”
is a global community accumulating and sharing individuals’ own experiences.

– Let's meet on our digital public square!

Humane Technology

Today’s social media is built on our attention and data
used by algorithms that polarize society.

We do the opposite.
With the human at the center of the technology, we encourage harmony instead of hate and polarization.

We believe in a new type of platform that empowers society and creates valuable interactions.

Better Future


Every good action is rewarded with symbolic points to encourage responsible behavior in real life.

Public Square

A space in which you can ask questions leading to meaningful conversations & new insights.


Track your personal progress
and discover how you improve.

Together, we move mountains.

We are an unstoppable community of daily action takers. This is our global impact, growing day by day.


Saves done.

Our Mission

Our Mission

Our mission is to become a crucial part of the overall climate change solution by turning millions of lifestyles into more sustainable ones.

The daily Saves facilitate the adoption of a responsible lifestyle and make it accessible to everyone.

As a non-profit organization we are fully committed to our values and act for the common good.

Get in touch

Brand partnerships, media inquiries, or feedback

Drop us a line and we will build a better future together.

We are more than just an app.

OneSave/Day is a movement advocating responsible behavior and humane technology to create a more equal, sustainable, and human-centered world.

Get the app !
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Individual Action.
Global Impact.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does it work?
    Once you sign up your company, we begin setting up your first season, which consists of eight eco-challenges emailed to all employees in eight consecutive weeks. We track your employees' participation and measure culture change through a questionnaire at the end of the season. Results are visualized in a comprehensive dashboard and implications are drawn based on your company's Culture Type.
  • How do I sign up my company?
    No matter whether you're an intern, executive, or CSR/HR manager, we want to give every employee the opportunity to start a sustainable initiative from the bottom up: Simply visit our Contact page and leave us your email address so our team can contact you to find the best solution for your needs and ultimately set up your first OneSave/Week season.
  • How does the pricing look like?
    We have three different pricing packages. First, we offer a trial version of OneSave/Week, which consists of a single season of eight eco-challenges to get familiar with our tool. Second, we offer an annual version that consists of three full seasons spread over one year to allow for a long-term cultural change. And finally, we offer a customized version that can be adapted to your individual needs. Full details and pricing can be found on our Prices page.
  • What are the results measured in the dashboard?
    Our dashboard measures a variety of different factors related to both culture and sustainability. These are summarized in four main pillars: Personal sustainability awareness, Lived CSR culture, Emotional relationship between employees and the company, and Employee decision-making. On this basis, we assign your corporate culture to one of our Culture Types and draw tailored implications. In addition, interrelations between, for instance, demographic data and climate action provide insightful results for a deep understanding of your corporate culture.
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