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Our Story

This is how it all began.

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Hey! I am Maxime, the founder of OneSave/Day. 
I am not a radical climate activist or anything alike. 
To be honest, I have never been remarkably engaged in environmentalism. But I am trying to make my contribution, so that our planet remains liveable for our generation and the generations to come.

Why I started OneSave/Day

August 2019
I get aware to what extent our human behavior harms the planet and reflect on my own lifestyle.

Thus, I give myself little daily eco-challenges to develop a more responsible behavior.

September 2019

It works, but as I am doing it only by myself, my impact is too small to make a change.

Hence, I need to find a way to engage a lot more people to do the challenges with me.

A simple solution accessible to everyone

September 2019
The next two weeks, I spend day and night on YouTube learning how to code in order

to build OneSave/Day: A mobile app, displaying one simple action, every single day.

October 2019
Launch of the first version of OneSave/Day.

October 2020
One year later, this prototype mobilized a community of over 10.000 daily “Savers”. 
The feedback we receive is extremely positive and we start having a real impact.

Ready for the next level: Global scale

May 2021

OneSave/Day is transformed into a non-profit organization.

September 2021
We launch our full-scale app with the mission to turn millions of lifestyles into more sustainable ones.


You become part of our global planet-saving community ! 

Our Future
We will overcome the challenges of climate change and live in a respectful relationship with the planet.

October 2021
Jane Goodall becomes aware of OneSave/Day as it puts into practice her claims:
“Every individual’s action matters and only if we act together, we can make a change”.

October 2021
With the support of Jane Goodall, we create a network of active ambassadors, the “Impact Leaders”.

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