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Your tool for a sustainable culture.

Let's address the cause, not just the symptoms. One eco-action per week for all employees to foster a corporate culture where sustainability targets are understood, valued and lived by the entire organization. Playful, hands-on & ready-to-use.

Our answer is culture

Employees are empowered to incorporate sustainability into daily activities, ultimately creating the bottom-up support needed for an effective top-down execution of CSR targets

Have fun

Cultural development needs to be fun and easy. We make corporate culture and climate action entertaining without any compromise.

Engage everyone

From CEO to intern, from the headquarter to facilities – everyone must live the change. We involve them all with one simple email per week.

Measure it

Measuring CO2 is one thing, measuring a future-proof culture is another. Dashboards visualize your progress and make culture tangible.

One-stop solution for a complex issue

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One eco-challenge per week

The eco-challenges, along with a tangible fact about their impact, are sent via email to all employees during eight consecutive weeks. After a season is completed, the results are summarized in both a dashboard and impact report.

Collective motivation

Employee motivation is boosted by showing them the number of colleagues who have joined them during the last eco-challenge. This creates a gamified and collective incentive needed to transform the culture from the inside out.

Impact reports

After eight weeks, a season is completed and a science-based questionnaire measures the employees’ cultural development. Dashboards visualize the progress and give clear recommendations for both leadership and employees. Culture becomes tangible.

Based on an iterative & holistic framework backed by scientific research

multiple seasons, each consisting of eight weeks, enable long-term cultural shift

Reinforcing cycles

a holisitc model explains the interdependencies of sustainable change

Science-based framework

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Our mission

not just another green tech startup ...

By recognizing corporate culture as the key driver for solving the pressing issues of a sustainable economy, we believe in a future where top-down decisions on sustainability are understood, valued and lived by each and every employee - a culture of bottom-up support that enables a fricitonless implementation of top-down sustainability imperatives.

We create People Companies: Putting employees first by making them your most valuable asset

Benefits of a sustainable culture

The whole world is heading towards sustainability - companies too. Be prepared to secure a leading position in the new economic order.

Build a future-proof company inside out

Receive advice tailored
to your culture

Your company culture is categorized into one of our Culture Types, while further details are visualized in a dashboard that shows your progress and provides practical implications.
The world is heading towards sustainability - companies too. Be prepared to secure a leading position in the new economic order.

Attract the greatest talents of tomorrow

Purpose-driven companies attract the best talents: 69% of Gen Zs are more likely to apply to a company whose brand aligns with their values.

Communicate CSR internally & externally

Include your company's CSR targets into our emails to authentically create awareness among your employees. Externally, we support you with marketing guides and templates to help you spread your message.

Implement CSR
targets frictionless

Empowering employees to incorporate sustainability into their daily activities creates bottom-up support that ensures effective implementation of CSR targets from the top-down.

officially verified

Our official badge confirms your serious commitment and efforts to becoming a sustainable business, helping you build external trust and attract potential new employees.

Built on a science-based framework consolidating the most recent research findings

Stronger together

OneSave/Week builds on the successfully proven concept of OneSave/Day, which is used by thousands of users worldwide and supported by well-known climate advocates and social entrepreneurs. These include personalities such as British Primatologist Dr. Jane Goodall, Kenyan Youth Environmentalist Anita Soina, and Nobel Peace Prize Winner Prof. Muhammad Yunus.

Let’s make your business sustainable from the inside out.


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